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“Thomas is always very prompt and thorough. Which was extremely important to me because my previous attorney did not meet expectations. This was the first time I’d been in a situation as such and I had no idea what to expect. Tommy was detailed about the process and what to expect. He did not “sugar coat” anything. There were no unrealistic expectations set. I would use his services again and also recommend him.”– Tyeronda

“I have worked with Atty Sinowski on several cases. He is highly professional. prompt and courteous. He always returns my calls and gives his total attention when we are discussing a case. His no nonsense approach to a case gets the job done. I really appreciate that he is thorough and determined to put our clients best interest in mind.”– A Satisfied Client

“I had a great experience with Mr. Sinowski. I previously had a different lawyer who was doing nothing to help me so I found C&S. They promptly sent me paperwork to sign to begin working on my case. They made sure to communicate with me regularly to update me. Whenever I had questions they would take the time to explain it in terms I understood. Tommy was very accommodating when he had papers for me to sign. I was unable to make it to his office so he would fax things to me. He was always very polite and professional. I appreciated that he worked quickly and made sure I was aware of everything that was happening. They are a great team and I would definitely use them again!”– Caitlyn

“He walked me thru the whole process from start to finish. I Iove the whole firm from the receptionist to the attorney. They are some very good people. Yes I will recommend them to others.”– Tanya

“While being under the lawful care of “Thomas Sinowski” me and my daughter was taking care of in the most professional way. “Thomas Sinowski” and his team was always on top of the case and got us the settlement we deserved. I would definately recommend this law firm to anyone.”– Richard

“Walked me through the entire process. I was never left in the dark. Always able to speak with my lawyer which was a big issue for me. Recommend him and his firm to anyone.”– A Satisfied Client

“Tommy as he would tell you to call him, very very great attorney!!! He kept ne informed on whatever was going on with our cases. I would recommend him on anyones case!!”– A Satisfied Client

“Cohen and Sinowski, and their staff was amazing. I would definitely recommend and use them again. They got the job done and always kept me updated every step of the way.”– Deja T.

“Yes!!! I gave them 5 stars. Cohen and Sinowski handled my car accident case. There was nothing special about my case or out of the ordinary but the commitment to my case most definitely showed. One thing that I can tell you that stood out the most was Barbara who contacted me late one evening after being unable to reach me during the day. She didn’t just throw my paper work to the side, give up or wait for me to eventually get back with her. She was committed to her task and making sure that everything was taken care of and I really was impressed by that and appreciated that. And of course everyone else that I spoke with was always professional, always knowledgeable and always available. So yes 5 stars with no hesitation.”– Roylene C.

“This firm first gave me a chance with my case, compared to others who didn’t feel like I had one. Everyone I spoke with were exceptional. Great communication throughout the entire process. I always knew what was going on, and if I didn’t know or understand something in particular they never failed to thoroughly explain it out so I could. Big shout out to Barbara and Tommy! They went over and beyond for me for sure. I really appreciate everything this team has done for me from start to finish. I would truly recommend them to anyone because they will get the job done. Thanks again!!!”– Quanisha B.

“Stayed consistent and easy to reach out too. The whole team was professional and nice, and the lawyers was very confident in what they do even if I ain’t felt confident in how the defense approached us. The lawyers made all the right moves for me, gave me clothes to be ready and gave me the run down in every situation. I’m glad they took over my case definitely recommend. They have been here before with accident cases and have a very high percentage in winning this is why I give them a five star rating.”– Mo2Dope

“I’m very well satisfied with how will they worked wit me and keep me informed on updates about my case! Thanks so much.”– Aquanas H.

“Fantastic service, they will go above and beyond until the end. My case had been settled for over a year, and then I received a call stating that they had been trying to get an amount reduced to increase the payout for over a year. Love the diligence and dedication.”– Hunter D.

“Amazing doesn’t even come close to how phenomenal these people are. My whole case was quick and painless. Barbara is the absolute greatest. She informed me of everything that was going on and Tommy was perfect. I truly recommend this firm. They genuinely care you.”– Ms. E. Davis

“Great communication. Any questions I had were answered within a timely manner. My family be using them in the future.”– Ebony S.

“Thomas Sinowski was very professional in handling a situation that I had questions and concerns about. I gave him the information that he had asked for and within a couple of days he had made contact with the company. He began negotiations and responded back to me with suggestions on how to move forward. I really appreciate his efficiency and responsiveness. I would highly recommend him.”– Mindy H.

“The first person I spoke to was my attorney not an assistant and that meant a lot to me. I spoke to Attorney Sinowski and he was very thorough and compassionate. He reassured me every step of the way. My case manager Rick was awesome. We had a great rapport and he answered all my questions. My experience with the firm was positive and pleasant, which is great considering how unpleasant car accidents are. I would recommend this firm to anyone and everyone.”– Randi G.

“I was referred by my father and he did not disappoint! Excellent customer service from beginning to end . Very sweet people. Communicative the entire time and fought hard til the very end for my settlement. Recommend them to anyone!”– Alexis S.

“This is by far one of the best lawyers I have in history! No one wanted to work with me on my case and the did. They work very fast as well. I recommend this company 10 times over. Then the applications and texting options are very convenient. I’m glad to do business with them. Thank you guys! I really appreciate you.”– Shana R.

“Helpful, knowledgeable and to the point! I’m very satisfied with their service! Highly recommend!”– Christina A.

“They handle my case with love and care. If I had to use them in the near future I would. I would also recommend them to family and friends. Thanks again for all you did for my family.”– Sharntel M.

“My experience was very pleasant and professional, I always felt taken care of and they were always checking in with me, and giving me updates about my case. I would 100% recommend this business and would do business with them again.”– Talya M.

“Mr. Cohen handled my case with the utmost professionalism and got me a much bigger settlement than I expected. His staff is very responsive and professional. He handled my case in a timely manner and was available to update me throughout the process.”– Nicole

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