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Premises Liability

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Have you fallen or suffered an injury in a business or someone else’s home? Under Georgia premises liability laws, you may be entitled to financial compensation for those injuries if you were hurt due to the negligence or recklessness of a property owner.

Some victims may question whether they should file a personal injury claim or not. Feeling hesitant is natural, but if you have a viable case to pursue, it is highly recommended that you call a premises liability lawyer to help you take the initial steps. This will be integral to helping you to secure the compensation you need to recover – enabling you to put this accident behind you once and for all.

Fall Law has helped countless people just like you navigate the intricacies of personal injury law. With years of experience, our adept premises liability claims attorneys will advocate on your behalf and help you seek the restitution you deserve.

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What Are Premises Liability Injuries Laws?

Premises liability refers to a set of legal principles that hold owners and occupiers of property legally responsible for accidents and injuries that occur there. The types of incidents that may result in premises liability claims can range from a slip and fall on a wet floor to injuries suffered on amusement park rides. These laws aim to ensure that property owners maintain safe environments for individuals who visit their premises.

In the context of Georgia law, to be eligible for financial compensation for your injuries, you must prove that the property owner or possessor failed to exercise “due care” which led to your injury. Under the law, the failure to provide due care covers a number of scenarios, from inadequate maintenance to defective conditions or inadequate security and signage.

What Makes Premises Liability Law Different From Other Types Of Personal Injury Law?

While premises liability is a part of personal injury law, it significantly differs from other types of personal injury cases. The key distinctions lie in the cause and location of the injury.

In general, personal injury law requires that an act of negligence directly causes an injury to another person, regardless of where the injury happened. For example, if a person is injured due to a doctor’s negligence, it doesn’t matter whether that incident occurred in your home or their surgery ward; you have grounds for a medical malpractice personal injury claim.

On the other hand, premises liability deals specifically with injuries caused by unsafe or defective conditions on someone’s property. This means that the location of the negligent act is central to premises liability claims.

You will likely need to prove that the property owner knew or should have known about the hazardous conditions in order to bring forward a successful premises liability claim, – which is not usually required in many other personal injury lawsuits.

What Hazardous Conditions On A Property Can Lead To Premises Liability Claims?

If you are an injured person trying to determine if you have a valid claim, it is important to understand what situations can lead to premises liability claims.

There are a number of hazardous property conditions that could potentially lead to a premises liability claim. These can include:

  • Poor Constructions or Faulty Designs
  • Inadequate Maintenance
  • Slip and Fall Conditions
  • Specific Hazards

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Premises liability claims depend on whether the property owner or occupier knew (or should have known) about the dangerous condition and failed to take action to rectify it. If you are unsure whether you have a valid premises liability claim, you should reach out to an experienced premises injury compensation attorney for advice and guidance.

For more information on premises liability injury claims in Marietta, Georgia, call our firm to get started with an initial consultation!

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